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Irish Hunt

The book “Kingdom of Hounds” is the fruit of 30 years of work by prominent Irish photographer Tony O’Shea, who returned home every year to document the Kerry Beagle drag hunt.

One of the oldest native Irish dog breeds, Kerry Beagles have strong bloodlines made to thrive in harsh nature, plunge into strong river currents and soar over steep slopes and rough terrains. The rivalries between neighbouring hunts and the hunters who train them are as old as the tradition itself.

Shot among friends and neighbours, Tony O’Shea’s images offer an insider’s perspective into the community of County Kerry, on Ireland’s Atlantic coast, combining “an empathetic, if at times almost Beckettian sense of the absurd – with an anthropologist’s eye for social realities.”

The book “Kingdom of Hounds” is published by RRB and available at the price of £35.

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