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Threads of History and Modernity

The French Academy in Rome presents Florence and Damien Bachelot’s photography collection, at Villa Medici.

Curated by Sam Stourdzé, the exhibition includes authors that shaped the 20th century reportage and humanist photography, like Robert Frank, Diane Arbus and Sabine Weiss, and the timeless visionary gaze of Mario Giacomelli, Brassaï and Paul Graham.

Catholic protest - Londonderry, Northern Island, 1969 © Gilles Caron, Collection Bachelot

United, San Carlo Restaurant at 3rd Avenue and 10th Street. © Saul Leiter, Collection Bachelot

The Grand Albert Gang, Italie neighbourhood. ca. 1931-1932. © Brassaï, Collection Bachelot

Atelier Morandi, Grizzana, 1989. © Luigi Ghirri, Collection Bachelot

An extraordinary set of about 40 original prints by Saul Leiter and the work of great colorists like Joel Meyerowitz are seen alongside photography by authors such as Luc Delahaye and Mohamed Bourouissa, who transcend any categorization of photography genres.

Untitled, from the series "Those who have faith" 2003. © Veronique Ellena, Collection Bachelot

Paris, children. 1955 © Sabine Weiss, Collection Bachelot

“​​There Are no Hands to Caress my Face” 1961/1963 © Mario Giacomelli, Collection Bachelot

Dairy Land Provincetown, Massachusetts 1976. © Joel Meyerowitz, Collection Bachelot

The exhibition “Collection” will be on view at Villa Medici in Rome until January 23.

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