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Palm Photo Prize: the Body and the Spell

Gallery 10 14 presents the finalists of the Palm Photo Prize 2022.

The human body in all phases of life, its warmth, the contact between human beings seem to be at the centre of the selection of the finalists of the prize, together with images whose significance is ambiguous, suggesting something beyond what the eyes can see.

Mikaela Martin

Abhishek Khedekar

Matthieu Croizier

Daniel Mebarek

Ulysses Aoki

Gabriel Lopez

Evoked via ID images, ephemeral paper sculptures, the destruction of places once people called home, the passing of time is another thread that stretches throughout the photographs of the annual prize, free to submit and concentrated on a new wave of image-makers.

Anton Kuehnhackl

Megan Eagles

Kevin Sweeney

Hailey Heaton

Daria Svertilova

Angela Shaffertif

Rona Bar and Ofek Avshalom

Kennedi Carter

The exhibition featuring the finalists of the
Palm Photo Prize
is on view at 10 14 Gallery until June 5th.

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