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Paris, My Love

Since 1975, Peter Turnley has been photographing life in Paris, his city of adoption. From November 24 to 29, he is selling 30 iconic photographic prints of Paris on his website.

Born in the United States, Peter Turnley fell in love with the capital. He has since been living there, capturing the city's changes over the years. Through his lens, its beauty remains timeless.

Paris, 2021 © Peter Turnley

Paris, 1982 © Peter Turnley

In 1981, he became Robert Doisneau’s assistant. Like him, he captured the romantic Paris in black and white. His cheerful eye catches the intimacy of old cafés and the innocence of children. Rather than revolutionizing photography, Turnley simply shares his astonishment at what he considers to be the most beautiful city in the world.

Paris, 1978 © Peter Turnley

Paris, 1983 © Peter Turnley

Paris, 2022 © Peter Turnley

As a photojournalist, Turnley is constantly facing wars, conflicts, famines or natural disasters. Paris then appears as an escape from these difficult moments : a refuge out of time. As an epicenter of love, the city offers the photographer scenes of tenderness and affection that restore his hope in humanity.

Paris, 1983 © Peter Turnley

Paris, 2019 © Peter Turnley

Paris, 1983 © Peter Turnley

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