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Prairies of Life and Loss

Alessia Paladini Gallery presents “Inland”, a selection of work from two of Rebecca Norris Webb's most important monograph books, “My Dakota” and “Night Calls”.

For “My Dakota” Rebecca Norris Webb has photographed her native state since 2005, retracing her memories through South Dakota’s harsh and boundless meadows. When her brother died the following year, the familiar territory took on a different meaning. “For months, one of the few things that gave me relief was the South Dakota landscape...I asked myself, does loss have its own geography?"

In “Night Calls”, her most recent monograph, Rebecca Norris Webb retraces the roads traveled by her father, now 102 years old, who has worked as a country doctor for his whole life. The car’s windows and rearview mirror multiplied her visions, often framed at dawn and dusk, following her father’s routine as he cared for his rural community.

The exhibition “Inland” is on view at Alessia Paladini gallery in Milan, Italy, until December 22.

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