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Regenerating Nature

Gallerie d’Italia presents Luca Locatelli’s exhibition “The Circle. Solutions for a Possible Future”, focusing on his research and documentation of the most significant experiences of the circular economy in Europe and beyond.

The circular economy is a system based on the reuse and regeneration of materials or products, as a means of continuing production in a sustainable way. Commissioned by Intesa Sanpaolo and supported by Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Luca Locatelli has traveled over the past two years in search of emblematic and replicable practices that would open up the debate on ecological transition and the state of the planet.

Ice Cave. Vatnajökull, Iceland, 2022

Circular fashion recycling, Germany, 2022 © Luca Locatelli

Turda salt mine amusement park, Romania, 2022 © Luca Locatelli

Coal mine Ferropolis, Germany, 2022 © Luca Locatelli

From ice caves in Iceland to mussels farming in Spain, the research highlights actions taken to protect, sustain and restore natural ecosystems, and solutions that, when applied to industrial and production models, have the potential to trigger the cultural transformation necessary to change the way we interact with the environment.

Mussels farming, Spain, 2022 © Luca Locatelli

Larderello geothermal landscape, Italy, 2022 © Luca Locatelli

Lac des Toiles, Switzerland, 2022

The exhibition The Circle will be on view at Gallerie d’Italia museum in Turin until February 18, 2024.

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