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Remembering her Grace

Didier Bizet’s book “Grâce à Elle” (Thanks to her) pays tribute to the photographer’s late mother, through the eyes of three generations of men who loved her.

The book starts with a funeral, then time starts flowing backwards. The photographer’s mother Jeanne, who was born in 1922 and died in 2020, comes back to life through the objects that were part of her daily routine during her last years, and the black and white and Kodachrome photographs shot by her father and husband, where she appears as a child, a young woman, a mother.

Landscapes photographed after her death, a juxtaposition of somber tones to the lively images of the far past, interrupt the reverie of this long flashback. While trying to cope with the pain, "the acceptance of grief is strange for me, unusual, disconcerting, sometimes brutal", the photographer wonders what form memory will take for the generations after this one, the last to have printed and tangible images to treasure as we try to make sense of our loved ones' deaths.

The book “Grâce à Elle” is published by Revelatoer and available at the price of 26 Euro.

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