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Romagna Mia

Eight photographers from the northern Italian territory of Romagna exhibit their slow visual poetry at Large Glass gallery in London.

“The further away one moves from the center, the less power one senses. I seemed to have more freedom working at the margins.” Born in Cesena in 1941, Guido Guidi largely shaped the visual poetry linked to the territory of Romagna. His work explored rural and suburban geographies altered by mankind, focusing on views so familiar that they often go unnoticed.

© Nicola Baldazzi

© Guido Guidi

© Francesco Neri

© Alessandra Dragoni

The other artists taking part in the exhibition, born between 1963 and 1987, trained with Guido Guidi but developed an independent sensibility, while working on the same territory. Small towns and their slow life, mysterious landscapes wrapped in fog and their faded colors evoke at times the atmosphere of Federico Fellini’s films, Gianni Celati’s literature and Luigi Ghirri’s images.

© Cesare Fabbri

© Marcello Galvani

© Francesca Gardini

© Luca nostri

The exhibition “Otto Volte Due” is on view at Large Glass gallery in London until October 15, 2022.

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