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Shines Like Gold

Lisa Barnard’s book “The Canary and The Hammer” is a four-year-long research into the history of gold and the ways it intersects with the global economy.

Prompted by the financial crisis of 2008 and combining photography shot in four continents, text and archival material, the book reflects on humanity’s unhinged strive to build wealth and the role of precious metal in society, from the gold rush to modern mining, from sexual politics to the high-tech industry.

Colorful and dreamlike, created alternatively in the field and in the studio, the images shift from mining sites and details to creative ways to present the products, which, especially considering technology, are often not the first ones that come to mind when we think of gold.

The book “The Canary and The Hammer” is published by MACK and available at the price of £40.00.

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