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The Daily Unfamiliar

Cob Gallery presents the debut UK solo exhibition of photographer Jack Davison, with a selection of his “photographic etchings”.

Jack Davison’s images of people and places have the ability to transfigure the everyday. A self-taught British photographer who credits Tumblr and Flickr as his first spaces of expression, he soon started to experiment with analog techniques that helped him add a unique, surreal character to his vision.

Faces, bodies and streets emerge from layered shades of black obtained with the polymer photogravure technique, which sees ink applied manually to a metal plate, conferring an extraordinary degree of control over the final image. Influences like Saul Leiter and August Sander, and his taste for the unsettling, make Jack Davison’s work travel much farther than an exercise in style.

The exhibition “Photographic Etchings” is on view at Cob Gallery until November 12.

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