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The Mediterranean Looks Ahead

The 7th edition of PhEST photography festival in Monopoli, Italy, focuses on the “Future”.

Taking place since 2016 in the Baroque small town of Monopoli, in the southern Italian region of Puglia, PhEST has been centering its research on the Mediterranean region as a point of encounter and contamination of ever-shifting identities. Under the artistic direction of Giovanni Troilo and photography curatorship of Arianna Rinaldo, this year the festival gathers 32 exhibitions around the topic of “Future”, focusing on the environment, history, technology and the human being.

© Mattia Balsamini

© Quinn Russell Brown

© Michela Benaglia and Emanuela Colombo

© Davide Monteleone

© Arko Datto

In a planet coping with climate change and the scant resources, Michela Benaglia and Emanuela Colombo remind us of insects being a viable source of food, with the species on the market being over 1,900. Thomas Georg Blank and Işik Kay’s research on cell towers explore the ways in which humans shape the contemporary landscape, and Mattia Balsamini focuses on the technological advancements of the Puglia region, based on agricultural activities and social engagement.

© Yelena Yemchuk

© Alexander Gronsky

© Tommaso Rada

© Fredrik Heyman

PhEST is on view in Monopoli, Italy, until November 1st.

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