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The Missing Owl

In her book “The Blindest Man” Emily Graham follows the footsteps of the people pursuing a treasure hunt started in 1993 by a man now dead, and whose enigma is still unsolved.

About thirty years after it was buried in French soil, the Golden Owl, a precious sculpture, remains unfound. A man hid it in 1993 as a challenge for people to solve his treasure hunt, releasing a book with clues about its location. He imagined the game would last two or three years but, even after his death, some are still looking for it. Emily Graham focused on the scientists, doctors, retirees, and artists who haven’t given up on the search, and on their theories, methods and motivations.

Photography becomes the perfect medium to represent the absurd, whimsical fragmentation of this quest. As the photographer writes: "I am less interested in solving the puzzle than in various individual interpretations of the clues, the notion of treasure hunting itself, and where this leads those who seek definitive answers: the dreams, fantasies and obsessions of individual searchers.”

“The Blindest Man” by Emily Graham is published by
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