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The Rhythm of Isolation

“Folly”, by Jamie Murray, is a meditative book born out of conversations with individuals who have been incarcerated.

The photographs focus on the headspace created by forced isolation, and the “relationship between man and nature—co-existence and interference.” They were taken as Murray travelled back from prison, often subconsciously influenced by the conversations with incarcerated people.

As the project progressed since 2017, Jamie Murray went back multiple times to visit the same individuals, and he mentions a moment from a conversation with one of them: “He explained the ease of returning to prison for a lot of them. He looked at me and asked, are you a man or a beast? I questioned if there is a difference between the two. There can be if you want, that’s the butterfly, that’s the aim, it just takes time.”

The book “Folly” by Jamie Murray is published by Photo Editions and available at the price of £45.

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