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The Strangest Species

This year’s edition of PhEST festival in Monopoli, southern Italy, revolves around one main question: what does it mean to be human today?

The festival offers an interdisciplinary look at culture, nature and relationships, through psychology, philosophy and anthropology. Authors like Koos Breukel, whose body of work “Me We” is a 30-year-long personal diary through phases of life, or Lisa Sorgini and Elinor Carucci, focusing on family, are exhibited alongside Phil Toledo, whose most recent work is created with AI.

© Luisa Dorr

© Elinor Carucci

© Glauco Canalis

© Alessandro Cinque

© Giulia Gatti

© Phil Toledano

© Koos Breukel

© Lisa Sorgini

The intention is triggering a debate. Art director Giovanni Troilo stresses how in recent years a vast field that we thought was central and exclusive to humans has been shrinking, while Stefano Mancuso reflects on the fact that, if we go extinct for the consequences of our own choices, we might be much less “smart” than most of other living species. Considering that species on this planet survive on average for 5,000,000 years, we have 4,700,000 years to test ourselves.

© Sian Davey

© Tanya Tkachova

© Cristina de Middel

© Caimi Piccinni

© Ingmar Björn Nolting

The exhibitions of PhEST, a festival directed by Giovanni Troilo and curated by Arianna Rinaldo, will be on view in Monopoli, southern Italy, until November 1st.

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