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The Street Under my Skin

With his latest book, Archives Book Vol.1, self-taught French photographer Brice Gelot invites us to see the street world through his eyes.

In New York City in June 1975, as part of a propaganda campaign, the city's police and prison officials distributed leaflets warning of the city's high rate of violent crime. The brochures featured a hooded skull and a simple slogan: "Welcome to Fear City". Brice gelot has made this gimmick his trademark, notably to promote NSD51/50, his creative studio and publishing house.

The "Welcome to Fear City" message embraces the studio's core mission, which is to cover subjects that highlight the social problems, injustices and challenges faced by individuals and communities. Beyond simple photography, Brice Gelot intends to lead viewers to transcend clichés to foster a deeper understanding of different cultures and lifestyles.

Shot entirely in black and white in the USA, France and Italy between 2022 and 2023, Archives Book Vol.1 captures the essence of street life. With a certain impertinence, these portraits invite us to look into the eyes of people on the bangs of society, gang members, the homeless and drug addicts - in short, those who usually go unnoticed.

Archives Book Vol.1 is published by Whitewall in Germany. It is now available from the
NSD51/50 online store

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