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This year's major photographic events

This year’s major photographic events

The year 2020 will be punctuated by several must-see events in the world of photography. Following is a brief overview of some of them, from the most highly anticipated to the most unique.
Anger detracts from her beauty, 2017. © Weronika PERLOWSKA / This work is part of the works exhibited at the Festival Circulation(s) 2020

In Paris, the 10th edition of the Circulations (s) Festival: Devoted to emerging European photography, Circulation (s) offers visitors the chance to discover new talent from the oldest continent. From March 14 to May 10, come and check out the work of no less than 45 artists of 16 different nationalities, spread out over a large exhibition surface (2000 sq. meters). This year’s focus is Belarus, and the show’s artistic director is independent curator Audrey Hoareau.

The billboard of Paris Photo NY 2020

In New York, Paris Photo New York: One of the world’s biggest international photography fairs is embarking on a New York adventure April 2-5. Presented in partnership with The Association of International Photography Art Dealers, this new version of the fair claims that it will capitalize on the strength of the American photography market and bring together its various players. In Paris, the fair traditionally held under the nave of the Grand Palais will be held November 12-15.

​​​​​© ​​​​​​Shoji Ueda / This picture is part of the selection of Kyotography 2020 

In Kyoto, the spring of photography: in 2013, life partners Lucille Reyboz and Yusuke Nakanishi launched this dynamic gathering around photography and festival of international scope: The International Photography Festival. It has attracted around 730,000 visitors since its inception. This year’s theme is “Vision,” and the event will be held from April 18 to May 17. Among the photographers presented will be Japanese artist Mari Katayama, whom Blind wrote about last fall,  Senegalese photographer Omar Victor Diop, and Chilean photographer Alfredo Jaar.

Iko Iko, Afronauts (series), 2012 © Cristina De Middel / This work is part of the Melbourne Festival selection

In Melbourne, a new biennial: Simply titled PHOTO, this new international photography festival promises to encourage the public to reflect on photography and visual culture in a new and inspiring way. The first edition will take place from April 23 to May 10, in partnership with 25 institutions, museums, galleries and universities. On the artist side, you can expect to find the two troublemakers from the Magnum photo agency, Cristina de Middel and Martin Parr, as well as the in-vogue South African photographer Zanele Muholi (whom we wrote about last summer). The festival is scheduled to take place every two years.

The exhibition devoted to Philippe Chancel during the 2019 edition of the Rencontres d’Arles © Philippe Chancel

In Arles, the capital of photography: This year, another of the largest photography festivals in the world takes place from June 29 to September 20. While we don’t have information on the program yet, we’re pretty sure it will be eclectic, powerful, and colorful. Last year, the Festival’s 50th anniversary drew 145,000 visitors. We’re betting that there will be just as many this year!

Other events will take place in the fall and early winter, such as the Lianzhou Festival in China and, on a smaller scale, the Photaumnales Festival in northern France…

The second, 2018-2019 © Schore MEHRDJU / This work is part of the works exhibited at the Festival Circulation(s) 2020

By Jean-Baptiste Gauvin

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