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Trapped in Amber

In his first monograph High & Lonesome, photographer Nathan Pearce looks at his native rural Illinois, challenging the viewers to get a feeling of a place they couldn’t find a reason to visit.

“Keep looking for things in places where there is nothing” reads a text card in one of filmmaker Jonas Mekas’ best known films. Photographer Nathan Pearce follows the same credo, tuning in with abandoned barns and over-designed room corners, bored youth and anecdotes about the harvest.

“A cultivation of mysteries and devotion that both embraces and subverts the mythology of the rural Midwest”, writes Brad Zellar about the book. “These are quiet photos, but not entirely silent. They’re also eerily out-of-time, as if things were trapped in amber.”

The book High & Lonesome is published by Deadbeat Club and available at the price of $50.

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