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We Love Boys

Queer magazine Boys! Boys! Boys! chooses 10 authors to celebrate its one year birthday.

A photography magazine that actively supports the queer and gay community, Boys! Boys! Boys! recently published its third volume.

Ephemeral Youth, by Stuart Sandford

Infraleves, by Alejo Dillor

Terrestrial Paradise, by Thanh Vuong

A Life Ecstatic, by Alessandro Pollio

Behind The Masculinity, by Babak Haghi

The publication donates a percentage of the sales to LGBTQ+ charities and engages with the work of queer photographers in a wide variety of countries, including those that present significant challenges for people who identify as anything else than heterosexual. This issue includes work from photographers from Argentina, Belgium, France, Iran, Italy, Spain, UK, USA, and Vietnam.

New Men, by Bert Van Pelt

Dragonfruit, by Sean Patrick Watters

Sean, by Stéphane Gizard

In the Lake, by Gerardo Vizmanos

Boys! Boys! Boys!
Volume 3 is out now.

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