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Wheels of Migration

In his book “Leaving One for Another”, Turkish photographer Olgaç Bozalp combines documentary with constructed imagery to retrace the causes and journeys of migration.

“People’s desire to move from one place to another has always fascinated me, both on a political and personal level. I started this series to explore the reasons why, and see how they measure to those of my own.”

Konya Boys

Ajans, Istanbul


Now based in London, the photographer visited nearly fifty countries, focusing for this project on the complexities of the Middle East, Asia, and his native Turkey. Candid photographs alternate with scenes created in collaboration with art director Raphael Hirsch, a choreography of people with their identities hidden and the most disparate means of transport.

South Korea

Barış, Istanbul

Sunrise, Istanbul

The book “Leaving One for Another” is published by VOID and available at the price of €45.00.

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