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When Home is a Labyrinth

For four years photographer Camilla de Maffei explored the sparsely populated region of the Danube delta, a labyrinth of water and marshes overlooking the Black Sea.

3500 square kilometres of marshes between Ukraine and Romania, the delta region is harsh and desolate, often left by the ones who have the opportunity to do so, without coming back. Camilla de Maffei focused on the ones who stayed, through visual observation and intimate portraits, interviews, hand-drawn maps and field notes.

“To ask a man if he has ever been lost among the channels is to ask an uncomfortable question” she writes, “It is not manly to get lost, nor is it manly to admit that one does not know the right paths.(...) Such a question seems even more absurd to women. What do they know about channels, the labyrinth belongs to men. They stay at home, with their feet on dry land.”

“Delta” is published by Ediciones Anómalas and available at the price of 35 Euro.

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