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Window on Minneapolis and the American Streets

Les Douches galerie in Paris presents “American Reflections”, an exhibition and book that celebrates life in North America with a focus on Minneapolis, its people and streets through the eye of photographer Tom Arndt, born there in 1944.

Tom Arndt’s images of daily life in Minneapolis and other American cities are often shot through a window. The glass can evoke a metaphorical distance, add a frame within the frame, or create complexity by multiplying the points of view. Passersby of all ages and social classes catch a glimpse of themselves walking by, or alternatively look back, through the window, into the photographer’s lens.

Highly influenced by authors like Robert Frank and Richard Avedon, Tom Arndt combines a strong attention to detail and composition with a spontaneous human connection. He often decides to spend time with the protagonists of his images before shooting, to make them feel at ease, going beyond what traditional street photography could capture.

The exhibition “American Reflections” is on view at Les Douches galerie, in Paris , until January 21st. The homonymous book is published by Atelier EXB and available at the price of 45 Euro.

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