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A Microcosm On Danish Land

Photographer Nicola Lanciotti explores the remote community of Thylejren, an experiment of social isolation.

North-Western Denmark, 1970. After a music festival inspired by Woodstock and the Isle of Wight, some people decide to stay. They want to live far from the fast-paced society, its conformities and commodities. “No hard drugs, no violence, no theft” are the pillars of the newborn micro-society lost in snowy fields, whose lifestyle takes inspiration from the past.

In his project The Humming of Swan Wings, which started in 2021, Italian photographer Nicola Lanciotti tiptoes into this tiny social experiment, which now counts about 84 adults and 18 children. According to him “detaching yourself from the comfort of our lives leaves space for thoughts and ideas that can’t fly within our hectic routines.”

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Nicola Lanciotti

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