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As Far as the Eyes Can See

In Laetitia de La Villehuchet’s series “Mirage”, snowy landscapes become an occasion to reflect on the subjectivity of perception.

Glaciers and deserted stretches of snow often deprive us of any certainty about where we’re standing. Distance and scale are open to interpretation, the eye risks losing the line of the horizon. In “Mirage” Laetitia de La Villehuchet looks for landscapes whose emptiness and “deafening silence” can offer an opportunity to reflect on the way we perceive the reality around us.

The image becomes a pretext to look inside, questioning the gap between reality as it exists and the one we know through our senses. The photographer was inspired in her research by poet Jim Harrison, who at the end of the documentary "Only the Earth is eternal" states "We are the places where we have been and they are part of us".

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