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Don’t Look up

Alex Metenier’s “Vertigo” is a testament to his love-hate relationship with skyscrapers.

“In this series I’ve wanted to recreate the sensation I feel when I’m standing at the base of skyscrapers, these towers of steel and glass. Looking at their top I lose the notion of gravity, I feel like floating, with no reference points. That’s what this project is about, the feeling of being overwhelmed by a man-made structure.”

A series of in-camera double exposures with a central vanishing point, “Vertigo” was shot in Paris and litho-printed. While its title is a tribute to Hitchcock, the alternative process moves its visual language closer to Sant’Elia’s fantastic architectures, or M. C. Echer’s “impossible” lithographs, putting the accent on the graphic aspect of photography and diluting its relationship to reality.

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