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Aluminium Valley

For his book “Charbon Blanc”, Teo Becher spent two years photographing the intersection between natural and built landscape in the Maurienne valley of the French Alps.

The Maurienne valley is the site of construction of a high-speed train line, crossed by a highway and historically home to aluminium mines. Man made and natural elements fuse inextricably into a landscape that, surrounded by the sharp peaks of the Alps, stays largely inhabitable despite the human impact.

The austere beauty of the valley pulsates at a low frequency throughout the photographs. The negatives have been buried into the ground in different points of the land for months at a time, vulnerable to the deteriorating effect of the soil. The resulting marks enhance the subdued atmosphere that leaks through the images, shot while roaming the landscape at a slow pace.

“Charbon Blanc” is published by Le Bec en l’Air and available at the price of 30 Euro.

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