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At the Edge of Reality

Atelier 36 Bastille, in collaboration with Galerie Les Yeux Ouverts, présents the exhibition “Plossu Experimental”, an exploration of Bernard Plossu’s bold, endless drive to push the boundaries of photography.

Bernard Plossu’s career started in 1966, when he was offered a job as the photographer on an expedition to the Chiapas jungle. Distancing himself from the logic and the ways of reportage photography, he quickly developed a surreal language where reality or history are irrelevant. All that matters lies within the four corners of the image.

He produced series that broke any and every rule of photography, shooting purposely out of focus or letting the materiality of film interfere with the images. Influenced by cinema, especially by Antonioni and Bergman’s dreamy, sometimes delirious atmospheres, he turned contact sheets into illogic storyboards, to tell stories like in a film.

The exhibition “Plossu Experimental” is on view at Atelier 36 Bastille in Paris until September 17. A documentary film about Bernard Plossu, shot by Franck Landron, is also screened as part of the exhibition.

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