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Time of Ruins

Ruins, desolation and decrepitude are the core themes of this exhibition, on show at the Galerie des Minimes until 3 March 2024. The scenography underpins a dialogue between the two projects, each of which questions the passage of time and leads viewers to question their relationship to "life and death".

Young French photographer Astrid Staes, in her early twenties, guides us through landscapes and places that have been abandoned, bearers of a past that is now desolate. Her work, shot on film, evokes "the nature of existence and the fragility of our world" through the ephemeral beauty of ruins. The work of German photographer Dieter Appelt explores human bodies and desolate landscapes, inviting us to reflect on our relationship with "life and death".

Entrails © Astrid Staes, Galerie des Minimes

Untitled © Astrid Staes, Galerie des Minimes

A dialogue emerges between the two projects. Exploring, in their own way, desolation and cycles through the silence of abandon, both fill their images with poetic and philosophical content, images-texts inspired or not by literature. The human image is formally absent, but felt, as if lurking in the shadows, invisible but present.

Aus Sequenz Ezra Pound © Dieter Appelt, Courtesy of Galerie Françoise Paviot

Image de la vie et de la mort © Dieter Appelt, Collection privée

Schneeloch Aus « Erinnerungsspur » / Memory trace © Dieter Appelt, Courtesy of Galerie Françoise Paviot

"How many times in my life have I experienced the dramoptic frustration of having seen something without having captured it. That landscape, that corridor, that entrance, that teapot on the table and that light there. Over time, I learnt to run quickly to get my cameras: upstairs, in a car parked downstairs, on the terrace - and when I came back, not only had the light gone, but the scene itself had lost all its grace and beauty. At that precise moment, the pain of frustration is such that you want to stop everything. - To take the weight of the camera off your shoulders and ask to go blind.” Astrid Staes

Untitled © Astrid Staes, Galerie des Minimes

The prey © Astrid Staes, Galerie des Minimes

L'écho des Ruines by Astrid Staes & Dieter Appelt is on show at the Galerie des Minimes in Paris, until 3 March 2024.

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