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ON THAT DAY, "This the Summer of 2015" by Julien Magre

ON THAT DAY, “This the Summer of 2015” by Julien Magre

With On That Day, photographers are invited to tell the story behind one of their photographs. Today, photographer Julien Magre remembers a Swedish summer. 

“I’m with Louise and Caroline. We are spending our summer holidays in Sweden. Our friends, Marina and Frederik, let us use  their house in Lund, a small college town in the south.

It’s Louise in the photograph. This is a color photograph taken with my favorite camera of all times.

It was shot on Kodak film. We are walking, the three of us, along this pier leading to a fantastic sauna. I can’t remember any more if this was the North Sea or the Baltic. Nor do I recall if, on that day, Louise was screaming or spitting out her hair like it was fire.

© Julien Magre

This was a special summer that I do not wish to relive. Now, there is no need to give reasons. The weather was beautiful that summer. The house was comfortable, we felt at home but that was not enough to make us feel at ease. It was a summer when silence was necessary. We swam a lot in the freezing seawater, we walked a lot through the luminous forests. I took many photographs without thinking about the photographs I was taking, and we shot arrows at cardboard deer. It wasn’t a summer when one would laugh a lot or even try to laugh.  This isolated journey did us neither good nor harm. We simply accepted a reality that was a bit too intense and very demanding.

That day, we were alive.”

By Julien Magre

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