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An Image-Based Stream Of Consciousness

In A Pound Of Pictures, Alec Soth reflects on the act of making, keeping, browsing through images.

“My process is like Web-Surfing into the real world”, writes photographer Alec Soth. The book follows his footsteps as he browses reality by stopping his car, selecting what to record, creating a puzzle of associations which once again follows the curves of a road trip through the US. In his notes, appearing alongside the photographs, he reflects on the way he is driven to photograph certain scenes, and on the process of image-making.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kid Pik. Detroit, Michigan.

Carmen. Williams, Arizona.

While working on the project in Los Angeles he met someone who sold photos by the pound, “like fish”, he says. This encounter inspired the title of the book, which refers to the physical and metaphorical weight of the images that get accumulated in private and collective memories, or in dusty archives, throughout history.

Megan. Belle Island, Detroit, Michigan.

The Coachlight. Mitchell, South Dakota.

King & Sheridan, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Stuart. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A Pound of Pictures by Alec Soth is published by Mack, available for $75. To order the book visit the
site of the publisher
The project is also on view at
Sean Kelly gallery
through February 26 and at
Fraenkel Exhibitions
until March 26.

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