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Intimacy: What Is it?

In camera gallery presents fifteen photographers working on the concept of intimacy, a glance on the artists’ familiar relationships and personal obsessions.

The exhibition invites a reflection on what the word “intimacy” means to us, how it is expressed and felt in different cultures, and how much it is related to sexuality. A lineup of well-known artists offers their contributions. Jane Evelyn Atwood tried to understand the reality of sex workers in Paris, going beyond their sexualization.

Blue © Kenro Izu

La Rue des Lombards, Paris, France, 1976-1977. © Jane Evelyn Atwood

Untitled, self-portrait. © Emi Anrakuji

Land Without Shadows © Alexandra Catiere

In the 80s, a brain tumour seriously damaged Emi Anrakuji’s eyesight. It took her 10 years to recover, and during her convalescence she began rediscovering her body, modeling for herself. Araki Nobuyoski, best known for his nudes, photographed his wife in a much subtler way, from their encounter to her death.

Bed in mirror, 1972 © EvaRubinstein

Waiting for yesterday, 2012 © Krass Clement

Tao in her dormitory. Fudan University, Shanghai, 2000. From East Wind West Wind. © Bertien van Manen

Sex worker looking out of the window. Washington street, Boston. From The Combat Zone,1968 © Jerry Berndt

Camp Ritchnoï, Crimea © Claudine Doury

The exhibition “Intimités” is on view at in camera gallery in Paris, until September 19.

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