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Like Foxes

The book “I’ll Bet the Devil My Head”, by Spanish artist Carlos Alba, metaphorically underlines the shared traits between humans and foxes, able to adapt to new surroundings and circumstances, even in a London divided by Brexit.

Over a period of four years, Carlos Alba adopted the approach of a wildlife photographer, waiting for the moment foxes came out in the evening and, roughly at the same time, brokers swarmed out of their offices. He photographed in Tower Hamlets, a neighborhood where 43% of children live in poverty, surrounded by two of the most important financial areas in the world: The City of London and Canary Wharf.

Bishopsgate, London, 2013 © Carlos Alba

Bishopsgate, London, 2014 © Carlos Alba

St Judes Road, London, 2015 © Carlos Alba

Bishopsgate, London, 2019 © Carlos Alba

"I started this project because I wanted to document the big differences that we have in our contemporary society. Trying to address problems such as money, homelessness and childhood poverty”, writes the photographer. In his fable, foxes come to represent the working class, ravens constitute an element of social control, and the brokers act as the elite.

The Queen's Walk, London, 2019 © Carlos Alba

London Bridge, London, 2019 © Carlos Alba

Middleton St, London, 2015 © Carlos Alba

The book “I’ll Bet the Devil My Head” is published by VOID and available at the price of 33 Euro.

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