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More or Less

A fiery edition of Cortona on the Move Festival in Tuscany, Italy, employs a playful, seductive visual language to talk about some of the most pressing issues of our time.

In the words of the festival’s Artistic Director Paolo Woods, “More or Less - this year’s theme - are categories that define the world we live in, our aspirations, our fears, our affiliations. The contrast between abundance and scarcity, the superfluous and the essential, the elite and the masses, accumulation and dispersion”.

© Irina Werning

© Massimo Vitali

© Nikita Teryoshin

© Chauncey Hare

© Larry Fink

The Argentinian Irina Werning draws attention to the dangers of inflation, Sebastian Montalvo Gray follows the Peruvian military as they travel to blow up clandestine airstrips in the attempt to contrast illegal drug trade, and Nikita Teryoshin photographs the photograph the “back office” of war.

© James Mollison

© Hans Eijkelboom

© Nick Hannes

© Fausto Podavini

© Marco Garofalo

© Archivio Publifoto Intesa Sanpaolo

The exhibition “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ ” celebrates 50 years of hip hop music with names like Dana Lixenberg and Jamel Shabazz. Authors like Larry Fink, Karen Knorr and Chauncey Hare, who have strongly contributed to shaping a collective view on privilege and inequality, are exhibited alongside younger artists like Marco Garofalo and James Mollison, who raise the same issues for the future generations.

© Arnoldo Mondadori Editore

© Dana Lixenberg

© Karen Knorr

© Marco Zanella

© Han Lei

© Zed Nelson

The exhibitions of Cortona On The Move festival are on view in Cortona, Italy, until October 1st.

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