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Obsessive Years, Invisible Forces

From 2011 to 2007 Lorenzo Castore photographed his surroundings in a compulsive search, driven by an insatiable hunger for discovery.

In the introduction to his current exhibition at Anne Clergue gallery, Lorenzo Castore talks about the drive behind his photography, made by poetic fragments caught in a constant state of transition. The black and white images linger on people’s faces, building facades and natural landscapes. His restless glance seems to look for connection and step back at once, shaping invisible threads between images otherwise unrelated.

“This reality of following something that you are not truly able to capture, in the crowd, is essential to my passion for photography”, he writes. “That illusion of getting closer, that surprise when all seems lost. The thrill of the unexpected, the temptation to set fire to it all.”

The exhibition "2001-2007 | LACK & LONGING" is on view at Anne Clergue gallery until September 17.

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