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Safe Space

In her book “Love Me Again”, Danish photographer and filmmaker Michella Bredahl explores feminine energy through intimate portraits of friends and acquaintances.

Raised in a turbulent home environment in a social housing complex outside of Copenhagen, the artist first found herself in front of the camera, modelling for the male gaze at a tender age. Taking the camera into her hands, turning it towards her chosen family in quiet, private spaces, she recognized herself in the women she photographs, working through trauma, relationships, uncertainties, and phases of life.

According to writer Stephanie LaCava, who has been photographed by Bredahl, “There is no urgency for her. She’s not chasing a shot. This is a real-life long game. There are full days with intimacies that don’t always turn into pictures. And here is some of Bredahl’s best work. She knows the story’s not over. We are only at the start.”

The book Love Me Again is published by Loose Joints and available at the price of 55 Euro.

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