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“The Shorean Image”, from Above

Starting in 2020, photographer Stephen Shore surveyed the American territory from above, focusing on the interplay between natural and man-made landscapes.

His book “Topographies: Aerial Surveys of the American Landscape”, revisits the original ambitions of the renowned 1975 exhibition ‘New Topographics’, where unromantic views and stark industrial landscape marked a radical shift away from traditional depictions in landscape photography.

45°19.11801N, 111°49.764033W

45°38.786N, 111°31.43025W

45°36.400296N, 111°34.501908W

"The Shorean image is often seen as something that disrupts our idea of America, or of what American imagery can be", wrote late art critic Peter Schjeldahl for The New Yorker. Now shooting from a drone’s perspective, the photographer follows the lines of rivers and roads, presenting frames where the human footprint is pervasive, from caravan parkings to marks in the grass.

41°56.9443167N, 74°1.7406167W

45°59.717453N, 110°39.642398W

45°40.185653N, 111°11.104876W

46°21.458793N, 110°43.432813W

The book “Topographies: Aerial Surveys of the American Landscape” is published by MACK and available at the price of £65.00.

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