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Photography at first sight

Henry Roy: Ibiza Memories

The sixth book by Franco-Haitian photographer Henry Roy, represents a “manipulated archive” of 30 years of photographs from his many trips to the …

A Lower East Side Time Capsule

In 1984, photographer Tria Giovan moved to New York City's Lower East Side after graduating from college. She wandered the streets, photographing from …

Pierre Molinier: The Body at Work

Pierre Molinier, a unique figure in the history of art, is the subject of an extensive exhibition that juxtaposes 130 of his works …

At the Heart of It

The International Month of Photojournalism in Padova, Italy, brings together photographers from all over the world to trigger cultural debate and roundtable discussions …

ImageSingulières: A Human Festival

This year, the Sète-based festival, France, celebrates its fifteenth anniversary with eight exhibitions devoted, as ever, to documentary photography. A beautiful festival of …

AI-Generated Images: A Visual Revolution

Midjourney, Dall-E, Stable Diffusion: artificial-intelligence software generating images has been perfected and democratized, leading to a real revolution in the visual industry. Faced …


André Kertész: Sur/Real

Bruce Silverstein Gallery in New York City presents the early photographs of photographer André Kertész, taken between 1914 and 1936.

Rome, 1964 © Bruno Barbey / Magnum

Bruno Barbey in Italy: Dolce Vita

The Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris pays tribute to the great Franco-Swiss photographer Bruno Barbey (1941-2020), born in Morocco and a member of the Magnum agency, with the exhibition “The Italians”.


Jason Fulford, from The Heart is a Sandwich (MACK, 2023). Courtesy of the artist and MACK.

Jason Fulford: Slices of Italy

The journal of Jason Fulford’s adventures in Italy, The Heart Is a Sandwich documents a decade of visual encounters as funny as they are touching.

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