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Joel Meyerowitz: A Year of Consecration
For the past six decades, the American photographer Joel Meyerowitz has roamed the streets of the world, countrysides and beaches in search of …
A 1980s Guide to Consumerism Run Amok
Pippa Garner has the answers you’ve been looking for.
Lurking Waters
Adrianna Ault’s book “Levee” is the photographer’s attempt to better understand the landscape surrounding her city, New Orleans, while untangling feelings of grief …
Graciela Iturbide’s Luminous Portrait of Chicano Los Angeles
The legendary Mexican photographer crafts a layered portrait of love, joy, and survival.
Bending Memories
In her book “Plexus”, photographer Helena Helfrecht confronts her family’s past spanning four generations, creating an eerie world that bridges memory and imagination.
Japan: A Love Story
Michael Kenna has been photographing Japan for almost 40 years. A new exhibition at Peter Fetterman Gallery in Santa Monica shows with 100 …


Quiet Poetry

The book “Hardtack” by Rahim Fortune uncovers ten years of portraiture rooted in the history and landscape of the American South.


Mary Frey’s recent release “My Mother, My Son”, published by TBW Books, is a meditation on life’s phases, lived in the present tense.